A&P Commission

Stuttgart Advertising & Promotion Commission

The Stuttgart Advertising and Promotion Commission was created by the Stuttgart City Council to facilitate tourism and the promotion of the City of Stuttgart.
The Advertising and Promotion Commission collects taxes on hotel and motel accommodations in the city to create a fund to promote Stuttgart.
The board consists of seven members, each of whom serves a 4-year term.

The Advertising and Promotion Commission typically meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at City Hall, located at 304 South Maple St., Stuttgart, Arkansas.

Sandi Carlock
East Arkansas Broadcasters
(870) 673-1595

Hillary Jones
Quality Inn
(870) 673-2575

Mital Patel
America's Best Value Inn
(870) 673-2611

C.K. Patel
Days Inn & Suites
(870) 673-3616
Pravin Bhakta
Deluxe Inn
(870) 673-2671

Jim Craig
Stuttgart City Council
(870) 673-3535

Donald Stephens
Stuttgart City Council                          
(870) 673-3535